Then try to explain to our current or future proceedings in Spain to build a house and a number of tips that may be of interest.

Then try to explain to our current or future proceedings in Spain to build a house and a number of tips that may be of interest.
When customers come to us usually already owns land or plot for building your future home.
From here, we encourage those considering buying a plot for construction of your home, even before buying it, contact us for from our study will advise on urban conditions of the plot, indicating the parameters urbanization of the same.
These parameters are critical to whether the parcel to be acquired is adapted to customer needs. In addition you will avoid unpleasant surprises, like discovering that the place you purchased is affected by an alignment, with the consequent expropriation, or a police area which can only be built on part of it, or he was told he could build many more meters than it really can, or even discover after purchase that the plot is non-urban and rural land that can not build.
When a parcel is urban and thus has a rating, as this, the plot is buildable, occupation and even a designated building type. In other words, what you can build a house between party or isolated housing that is bound to be aligned to roads, etc.. and this fixed square meters can be built and the square meters of solar can be occupied with the building. Parameters as you can see are important to know and confirm before the acquisition of the property.
Another issue important to know prior to the acquisition of the parcel is the "geology" of it, or what is the same type of terrain that makes up the plot, as there are lands that come from artificial fillers or compounds by clays expansive or involving special foundations or the "mandate" to run a basement that was not in the economic calculations of the client, or their functional needs.
Our experience of over ten years working in the province of Malaga and especially in the Valle del Guadalhorce us know in advance what to expect in certain areas and advise the client in this regard before the final choice of the appropriate plot to their interests.
Suppose that we have acquired the plot and is adapting to the constructive and functional interests of the client:
The first thing you have to do to build housing is a Basic Project and Execution of it. This project duly signed by the Official College of Architects of the Province of Malaga. It can only be written and signed by a top architect. Only professional, as recorded by the Organic Law of the building with professional responsibilities for drafting.
This basic design and implementation as indicated by its name is composed of two parts that can be written together or separately.
The basic design meets all the plans, sections and elevations of the house with its distribution, dimensions and surfaces, and contains in its report the compliance application and urban parts of the Technical Building Code. Together with the Blueprint is to be delivered for approval Geotechnical Study of the plot where the house will settle.
Arquisurlauro charge to their customers manage the budget request of this study apply directly to the approved companies more competitive market, providing our customers with different budgets for their choice and providing companies with the necessary technical data that facilitates the issuance of its budgets.
The project meets Execution all technical documentation necessary for the conduct of work of the house: flat masonry, carpentry, installation, structure, etc.. and the corresponding measurement, document necessary to obtain a quote from a builder. Annex the Project Implementation Study will Basic Safety and Health to gather the necessary measures to work safely in the work.
Also you have to hire a coordinator of work safety and health during the course of the works in turn write a study on health and safety measures to be taken during the execution of the said works.We offer this service to our customers and as we wrote the project, drafted at the same time the Health and Safety Study.
With just the blueprint drafted by the Architect, together with the certificate of intervention or technical architect surveyor issued by their professional body on which it is stated that the owner has hired this professional with top architects to take the direction of Enforcement of housing can apply for licensing in the City.
This license is obtained subject to the subsequent delivery to the City Hall Project Execution certificate along with the intervention of top architects, at which time the City is granted for the permanent license and construction work could begin.
Recently, most of Alhaurin de la Torre, but a small strip of Pinos de Alhaurin is mandatory to apply for licensure easements municipal airport to a report by the Ministry of Development, by the proximity of the town with the Malaga airport. Therefore, it is now convenient to separate the Blueprint for Implementation of go forward when before obtaining this administrative process has significantly delayed the act of licensing that previously took longer than a month.
An important document of the Project Execution and budget measures are the same, because together with the plans is the binding document in the recruitment of the builder.
That is why the builder important measurements budgeted project and not others, in that they are included in sections not only the number of items of work that has to build, but most of the time how has to build, how have to measure and how you have to budget for. The biggest adjustment budget builder to project these measurements avoids the discrepancies and conflicts in work.
Besides the different builders who budget the project meet project measurements ensures that our client can make a real comparison between different offers that you get to perform the work and that will run according to the criteria of the technical to subcontractors and to the best of each budget builder.
To facilitate the processing of the request for quotes from our customers and in turn make it easier for developers to query their subcontractors from our studio we offer our clients the service of their projects to increase our web server. Each project, once the visa is up over and compressed and encrypted with a key relief staff so that our customer does not have to spend money on cumbersome paper copies but simply limited to providing builders who want to be budgeted for the project the direction of our website where you can download their key project staff and decompression. The builders are downloaded from the website of the project and they contact us directly for any questions they have in the constructive development of its budget. They also contribute to avoiding unnecessary paper with ecological benefits it brings.
Customers show their different budgets and our advice is decided by a builder with signing a contract for the construction of your home.
This contract is also an important document because it must be reflected a number of circumstances that may occur on site and have to anticipate and solve them from the contract. From our study of our experience we offer our clients a model contract that attempts to answer these circumstances and that just binds both the developer and the builder to meet its obligations and responsibilities and that can remove many headaches for our customers.
The builder finally appointed and the contract signed before starting the work must receive a stamped copy of the Basic Project and Execution paper document to be placed in work, stamped copy of the Safety and health, after making his study provides the Security Plan of the Works which is an adaptation to their means of work of health and safety study.
With this plan, we as coordinators of your acceptance or corrections if necessary to issue a Certificate of Acceptance of the Plan and with all this documentation, the developer has to make the Opening of the Centre for Work of the Work. Then being able to start with them.
During the works it is necessary and compulsory to take a collective leadership made up of a Senior Architect who will be responsible for keeping the Project Management and Technical Architect will be responsible for carrying the Directorate of Enforcement. They are two different directions, two different and have different professional responsibilities during complement the works.
In the measurements is reflected project management plan necessary for the builder has to contract with different laboratories approved for the control of various items that need to be tested in construction: concrete, steel for reinforcement, compaction, etc..
Only the top architects and technical architects in Spain have the authority to bring together the collective leadership required in housing. Neither senior engineers and technical professionals are empowered to carry out this work.
Visits shall be made necessary for the proper control of work by the Architect and Technical Architect by performing the necessary checks and tests and end of works by both professional issues a certificate that visa set in both professional and with which the client can request the first occupation of their home.
Once turned on by the municipal technician visit to give the nod to the first occupation of the client can inhabit your home, formalizing the bulletins of the installers and the first occupation license contracts for the supply of water and light with different companies suppliers.
And enjoy your new home ...